Section 80U For Physically mentally Disabled Persons 2018-19

Section 80U : Income Tax Benefit For Physically And mentally Disabled Persons One can take income tax benefit under section 80U if he/or she is either physically or mentally disabled. But he/she should be himself/herself disabled. Percentage of Disability : Taxpayer must have minimum 40% disability.And he/she must have disability certificate from a chief medical officer […]

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National Pension Scheme Contribution Section 80CCD

Section 80CCD:Benefits Of National Pension Scheme Contribution Section 80CCD deals with those emoyees or taxpayers who are subscribers in NPS(New Pension Scheme). 80CCD section is splitted into three sections: Section 80CCD(1),80CCD(2) And  80CCD(1b). Section 80CCD(1):  All the employees who had joined service on or after 1st april 2004 come strictly under NPS in general and […]

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Run Two Whatsapp On Iphone 2018

Dual Whatsapp On Iphone Without Jailbreak 2018 Run Two Whatsapp On Iphone?Yes ! Every Iphone user wants to have Dual Whatsapp On his/her device for multiple reasons best known to him/her. As you know whatsapp has become an integral part of our life and our day starts  and ends with Whatsapp and obviously Facebook. Now it […]

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Income Tax Rebate US 87A

Section 87A Tax Rebate for FY 2017-18 & AY 2018-19 Income Tax Rebate US 87A is provided by IT department.Income tax department  has reduced the rebate amount In the current fy 2017-18. Further it is worth noting that you can claim tax rebate only if you satisfy the following conditions: your net income(Gross salary-Deductions u/s […]

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