4 ways to verify income tax return online 2017-18


verify income tax return

How to verify income tax return online:

If you have filed your income tax return online,it is most important step to do now,That is to verify income tax return.

Some times Tax payers file their income tax return online But they often forget to verify income tax  return .

Consequently Their return gets invalid And they have to file their return again which attracts penalty.

As you know,
Income tax department gives their tax payer 120 days time to verify their return by sending ITR-V by post or online.

Today we will discuss four methods to verify income tax return online.Which is very simple and you need not to verify ITR-V by ordinary  post.
And once your return verified successfully,your retun will process very fast,Hence you will get your refund (if any) within days.

Method-1:E-verify ITR By registered mobile number:

You can also e-verify itr through EVC.That 

is by generating ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION  CODE.For this

Log in to income tax dept. official website.

then select option e-verify your return .
A pop-up message will open with three options.Select the 2nd option that is generate EVC through mobile no.


Here is an important point to keep in mind here,you can only generate EVC using mobile number,

If your “income chargable under salary head ” is less than 5 lakh.

And If it is so click 2nd option An EVC(Electronic verification code)wil be generated.

And sent to your registered mobile no. with pan.
Enter the EVC And it will verify your return and no further action to do from your side.

Method-2: Verify ITR through  Aadhar OTP:

Similarly log in on Income tax website and find the option Generate EVC with Aadhar OTP.

Click on this option And you will get otp on your mobile registered with your Aadhar card.

Enter the Aadhar OTP  And it will verify your return and no further action to do from your side.

NOTE: If your Aadhar Card is link with your pan,only then you can use this method.

Method-3:Using Bank Account:

NOTE: For this method your bank account must have a registered mobile no.

Log in to income tax website,Find the option E-verify with Account no.
Now click this option and fill your bank account no,and other fields as you can see in this picture.if all goes well,you will validate your bank,
Hence your income tax return will get verify.

Method-4: E-VERIFY ITR USING HDFC,SBI  netbanking:

Log in to your bank’s netbanking,find the option Tax e-filing Tab,clicking on this,will take you to income tax website,Now locate the return you have filed and click on e-verify.And you will get EVC automatically right on your screen.

Hit continue button And finally your return gets verified.


Finally friends it is important to note that After filing your income tax return online,verify your return by using above methods within 120 days,
But i recommend you to verify your return as early as possible to avoid any action by Income tax department.

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