5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers In 2019

Which are the  5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers In 2019? 

That exactly what we will discuss in this article.

Many people are starting their blogs,Some of them are successful and some are left with one option that is to quit blogging.

In this in-depth article we have shared valuable information regarding Top 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers In 2019.

Here is one question arises that what is cloud hosting?why we need cloud hosting?

Firstly we will discuss:

what is cloud hosting In 2019:

If you are a well settled blogger then you might be well known to cloud hosting.

And you perhaps using cloud hosting For your particular website or blog.

Cloud hosting definition

Cloud hosting is the latest way of hosting that has gained popularity over the past few years.

The resources which  require for maintaining your website are spread across more than one web server.

So it is called cloud hosting.

Example of Cloud Hosting

The giant Google is using cloud hosting that’s why Google has never faced downtime in their service.

Now we will discuss the 5 best cloud hosting providers.

Actually we have throughly observed about the top 5 best cloud hosting provifers.

So let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Amazon Web Services(AWS)

AWS provides a low-cost,  and highly reliable infrastructure platform in the web cloud hosting.

This service is being  largely used by many of business companies around the world.

Australia,  US, Japan, Europe, Singapore and Brazil are among one of these places where cloud hosting is very popular.

AWS Benefits

AWS  is using  SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA, FISMA Moderate and ISO 27001  certifications.

Which is great for security .

To ensure the safety and security of your data, Amazon’s  service centeres have several layers of physical and operational security.

AWS also conducts audits to ensure security of its data.

It also provides end to end privacy and security levels to its customers.

So finally if you want best and secure hosting then go for AWS.

Link For AWS

2. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is one of the 5 best cloud hosting providers in 2019.

It was founded back in 2011.It is most reliable cheaper than any other.

There are currently 8 centers all over the world mainly in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, U.K., Germany, and India.

DigitalOcean offers you two main classes of products, and these are Droplets (compute servers), and Storage.

Droplets consists of dozens of different sizes and configurations of computer servers.

DigitalOcean also offers  firewall and DNS.

Their device is great.you can live chat email at any time.

Link for Digitalocean


As its name suggests, all their network sevices are based on highly scalable, managed cloudhosting,

That can be deployed quickly around the


Benefits of Cloudways

It is also  known for 5 best cloud hosting providers in 2019.

Cloudways is affordable in terms of prices,and  great functionality for the cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.

It allows you to make a migration to its hosting with great ease.

As far as cloudways customer service is concerned,it is extremely fast in the form of live chat.

Finally if you want modern cpanel and quick cloud hosting service,then

Go for Cloudways


The realability and speed of their servers is really great.

With 100% of uptime, you can rely on it for any service that you want.

High speed and low cost makes it really worth to purchase plans of Vultr.

Vultris boasts of its 14 city locations . This makes it the largest worldwide network.

control panel is a key factor to ascertain easiness of any cloud service,.

And Vultr’s control panel is built while keeping in mind the customer.

You can install many features with just one click. This definitely save your valuable time.

Vultr offers 8 public cloud server and 4 dedicated cloud server plans at very affordable prices.

This is one of their most appealing aspects.

As cloud hosting from Vultr is the value for money.

You get the option of choosing between monthly or hourly billing.

Meaning that you pay for what you use.

Finally kerpink in mind their verstality you should go for Vultr.

Link for Vultr



EIG is well known web hosting companies group  owns Bluehost and many other top hosting brands.

It was founded in 1996 and its headquarter is in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Other famous hosting brands from EIG group such as Justhost, Hostmonster, iPage, Hostgator, etc.

Bluehost has been rated as one of the 5 best cloud hosting providers in 2019.

Customer support

Blue host customer support is well known.They are available for 24 hours for their customers.

It’s cpanel is so simple and in a single click one can experience the easing of its services.


Finally we can conclude that the above 5 best cloud computing providers in 2019 are awesome.

If you want one year free cloud hosting experience then go for AWS

Similarly the rest of them have their own pros and cons.

Final decision is up to you.

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