6 Best Ways to whiten your teeth at home

 6 Best Ways to whiten your teeth at home:

whiten your teeth

whiten your teeth at home: We are always idle to our teeth.Due to this negligence we suffer many teeth diseases,like cavity,yellowish teeth,teeth sensation,Bleeding gums etc.

One important thing to note here that most of us  do not brush teeth just before going to bed at night.

As you know brushing teeth at night time cure most of our teeth diseases.

What is main cause of yellow teeth:

Our smiling looks really awkward with yellowish teeth. So whiten your teeth.

we try to have tooth-brush regularly but despite this, teeth do not look white and shining.

What is the reason?We will try to find here.

Certain food: you will get surprised to hear that some food we take are responsible to stain our ENAMEL,which is outermost layer of our teeth.

It Also multiply plaque(which contains invisible masses of germs that stick to our teeth.) on our teeth.So which food?

Our food:Cold drink,fast food,certain medicines,meal containing chemicals are main causes of our teeth look yellow.

further sometimes our teeth enamel erodes due to some reasons and Dentin which is a natural yellow bony tisssue underneath enamel, is visible,so our teeth look yellow.

So whatever is the reason,we will discuss how we can make our teeth look shiny and white.

Important Tips:To whiten your teeth

1. Using coconut oil:Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and put in your mouth for 10 minutes while swishing it,then spit out the oil and brush your teeth.

This will definitely kill lots of bacteria in your mouth thus reducing yellowness of teeth.

Practise it daily in the morning time before taking meal.

2. Reducing sugar: If sugar is a great source of energy,it also attract bacteria to our teeth.Whenever you eat sugar,clean your teeth with water.

moreover chocolates,candies,coffee,red wine, you should avoid,if you really want your teeth healthy.

3. Drinking Water: If you know or not,the water we drink daily is one of the biggest reason for our teeth to become yellow or dull.

Test your drinking water’s TDS level if it is above 300 then it means your drinking water contains harmful chemicals which make your teeth dull,yellow.

So boil your water or use chlorine to purify water.You also can use water purifier if you can afford.

4.Home-made tooth-paste:

Take one table spoon of turmeric(Haldi),put a pinch of salt in it,then mix it with mustard oil.

Now apply this paste on your teeth with tooth brush twice a daily specially at night just before your last meal.

The secret behind this above paste is that Turmeric contains a great source of healing effects that with in days heal your teeth from aching and Kill Bacteria and plaque from teeth.

Also salt removes tartar and plaque from teeth.lastly mustard oil nourishes and give healing massage to your teeth.

5.FRUITS And MILK:Fruits and milk are a great source of energy,minerals,vitamins etc. that our body really need.Moreover milk contains calcium which make our teeth strong,Fruits also provides natural shine to our teeth.

So have seasonal fruits and milk daily.

6. Proper Tooth-Brushing:If you give much stress to your teeth while brushing then this practice will weakens your teeth very shortly.

Always brush your teeth gently,brush in every corner of your teeth so that no waste material present in your teeth which may result in bad-breath due to bacteria and germs.

Final Message:

The above most relevant points we have discussed to whiten our teeth as well as to cure our teeth.if you follow these points,

I can guarantee you that all tooth disease you are suffering from will vanish in few days.

Finally Always try to brush your teeth twice a day.If you have children at home,make sure they also follow you along.

And i hope you will like and share this post.Thanks for your valuable time here.Keep smiling,keep visiting here.

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