About Us

About us:

Myself is kuldeep singh having age of 38 years owner of this website.

This website is all about technology,educational articles,helping people in every way.

This website covers all kind of subjects related to your life,education,techonological things,etc.


 is a website helpful to all those people who really need help in uplifting their bussiness from its very start.

we will touch all kind of topics pertaining  to our life,society and country irrespective of any cast,colour and creed.

And we will try  our best to serve you with latest information that you will need in your life.

We will touch every aspect of life and you will  find this website very helpful.


I am post graduate in mathematics and i am fond of blogging.Also i write articles more relevant to our life.

Thus people will get much needed help from this website.

And As technology is a great source of knowledge as well as entertainment.Whatever knowledge i have ,i will share on this website.

Here are my contact details:

Home Address:vpo-madhepur tehsil-baba-bakala Distt. Amritsar PIN-143111


Mobile no. 9779072878