Top 7 Best Android Apps For Bloggers 2020

Top 7 Best Android Apps For Bloggers 2019Top 7 Best Android Apps For Bloggers 2019

Hello friends let us start a new article:

Well!In this article you will get a list of Top 7 best must have android apps for bloggers.

Actually,if you are a blogger and you want to get full control of your WordPress website on Android phone,

Then you must have the following apps installed on your mobile phone.

It will surely enhance your blog writing experience.

So let’s dive into!!!

1. Google Indic Keyboard

Well !If you are multi language blogger,I mean you want to have a blog in Hindi,Punjabi or any local language,

Then this app is going to help you in many ways.

You need to install it on your mobile phone and choose the input keyboard from this all.

Now you need to type your (e.g.hindi) words in English and your words will automatically get converted into Hindi .

So click here to download Google Indic Keyboard

2. Google Analytics

This app is one of the 10 top best Android apps for bloggers.

If you really want to see the daily updates of your blog on your mobile,then Google analytics is best Android app 2019 for you.

With this app you can check all the metrics of your website.

That is too on your mobile phone.

Download Google Analytic App

3. Canva

This app is best Android app for bloggers.

You can edit and make beautiful blog images for your readers.

Most of the bloggers and also myself use canva app or cava website to edit  images.

Link to download Canva app

4. Google Adsense

Google Adsense app provides you the latest earning and no.of visitors for your blog.

You can also check CTR,CPC etc.right on your android phone.

Link to download Google Adsense

5.Grammarly Keyboard

This is also a better app to write correct phrases for your blog post.

This app will not let you to write wrong words.

Download link 

6. WordPress

WordPress app is one of the top 7 best Android apps 2020.

Just downloaded the app and WordPress is right at your finger prints.

Make a post using WordPress app on your phone.

Believe me,best app for you guys.

Download it here

7. Blogger

This Android app is best for those bloggers who use Google’s blogger platform.

Many bloggers host their blogs on blogger.

So just download the app here


So we have explained the top 7 best Android apps for bloggers.

To be a successful blogger you must have these apps on your Android phone.

It will surely enhance your writing and blogging skills.

And you will not rely on pc after installing the best Android apps for bloggers in 2020.

Thanks for reading this article.Do share it on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Keep smiling😊…….

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