Top Best MS Excel ShortCut Keys 2019

Best ms excel short cut keysTop MS excel shortcut keys: MS excel is one of the best software to create data in table form.

To use MS excel professionally,you need to use ms excel keyboard  shortcuts 2019.

These short cut keys will do a magic and enhance your computer skills.

We have provided a beautiful list of Top MS excel shortcut keys for 2019.

So let’s have a in-depth look at all time best MS Excel short cut keys 2019:


If you want to select all the text of a n excel sheet,then click ctrl+A.

So keep in mind this excel short cut key.


Now next ms excel short cut key is ctrl+B.

It will put all the text to bold.

To do this select the text you want to make bold,then ctrl+B will do the rest.


Ctrl+C allows to copy the selected text.And it will be store in the clipboard of your computer.

Now you can paste it any place.


To duplicate the text or image,ctrl+D is best excel keyboard short cut.


Ctrl+E allows to auto fill the cells.Some times you need to quickly fill the cells.This is what it does.


With Ctrl+F short cut,you can find or go to a particular cell.

E.g:if  you want to go to  S14 Cell,you should click ctrl+f and a dialogue box will open.

Then just type S14  and it will take you to this cell.


Suppose you have a simple formula in A5.

The formula is Y200*10.  You forget what’s in Y200, what the formula is there, but you need to know.

What’s a fast way to get to Y200 and then back to B5?

Will you scroll to y200 or use a faster way to go to Y200.

So click ctrl+G,a dialogue box will open type Y200 in the reference box and you go to Y200.

Best MS Excel keyboard shortcut.


Ctrl+H helps you to replace the text.

Suppose in the cell range A1:H20  you have school data.Nd you have mistyped students names and you want to replace them.

So hit ctrl+H.A dialogue box will open and you should type names you want to replace  and then click replace all.

And you have done that.


To make the text in italic form,use ctrl+I to make your work faster.


To give hyperlink to a text.


With this short cut key you can make your data in an attractive tabular firm.

Just select the data range and hit ctrl+l,you will see all your data becomes a colourful one with filter down arrows.

To remove filter hit ctrl+shift+l.



Ctrl+N: to open a new workbook.


To open an excel workbook ctrl+o is used.


In order to quickly print an excel sheet,you can click ctrl+P.

Print the desired pages.


Ctrl+R will help you to auto fill to the right of a cell.



To save an excel workbook,ctrl+s is used.


Ctrl+T does exactly what ctrl+L does.

That is to make your data in  colourful abd tabular form.


To underline the text in a selected cell.



To paste the text you copied earlier.


To close a current workbook.


Hit ctrl+x to cut the text in a cell and paste the same in a whatever cell.


To re do the last action. in other words Crtl +Y will redo what has been undone (using Ctr+Z).


To Un-do the last action.

Finally we can say that to be professional in ms excel,you should use these most important and best keyboard shortcuts for ms excel.

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