How to check PAN status? Whether it is active or deactivated

How to check PAN status?

PAN status will tell you that whether your PAN is active or inactive.As you know income tax department has deactivated lakhs of PANs.

Here is the reason,if you have not linked your PAN with Aadhar then your PAN may get inactive.So every PAN card holder should be aware of this.


  • IN INDIA people use unfair means to evade taxes.If you know one tax payer used to have multiple PANs to evade taxes.
  • Now it can not be possible to have multiple PAN cards due to Aadhar pan linking.
  • That is why Aadhar pan linking is must for all PAN card holders.
  • Aadhar has proved to be a boon for GOVERNMENT to curb tax evaders.
  • SO please link your Aadhar with PAN to avoid PAN deactivation.

How to know that your PAN is active or not?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. click here to go KNOW YOUR PAN link.
  3. Here you are to fill up all particulars.lile Your name,staus,mobile no etc.
  4. By clicking submit button will prompt you to fill PIN no. sent to your registered mobile no.
  5. After hitting ok you will have to fill your father name then hit validate button.
  6. Now on the screen you will get your PAN,your name,jurisdiction and remarks showing active or deactivated.

SO it is very simple process to know your PAN status. If you have any problem, you can watch this video.

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