fix “site does not comply with Google policies”

fix site does not comply with Google policies

fix “site does not comply with Google policies”

Most of the guys who have recently started their brand new website want to make money.But due to site does not comply with Google policies  google Adsense disapproves your site to make money with Adds.

So in this article,we will discuss how to get Google Adsense approval.Just follow me along.

This is the message most of the bloggers receives as the message of disapproval from google adsense:

1. Copyrighted Content:

Most of new bloggers steal content from someone’s website which is an offense in the eyes of Google Adsense.This is the main reason new bloggers do not get consent from google.So write your own content,never copy.

Also if you use image from google which is copyrighted image,atleast give credit to the owner of image.

2. Banned/illegal content:

If you use content that promotes pornography,adult content,vulgarity,hatred,alcohol,weapons,gambling and violence,then you can not get google adsense approval.

3. Compulsory pages(Privacy policy,About us,contact us):

your website must have three important pages.Write your privacy policy as described by google.Also write About us page to tell your readers who are you,what is your website about,your home address,your name etc.

Also write contact us page so that your readers can contact you any time.Provide your phone number,email id.

4. Real content:

As you know google is very strict about copyright content so always write something unique and qualitative content.People searches their problems on internet.

So write something to solve the problems of peoples.Write long articles as google give preference to long articles.

5. Website Theme:

Your website theme is most important part of your success in getting google adsense approval.Website theme must be light weight,simple,takes little time to load.Avoid messy widgets,videos,pictures as these irritate google to disapprove your request.Remove all broken links from your site and also use online broken link checker software to check weather there is any broken link on your website.

6. Website traffic:

Website  must have real and organic traffic. Visitors must visit your website using search on google,bing or yahoo.To enhance your website’s organic traffic you can use do-follow back-links.

Also You can use unique keywords,tags to be first on google search.

7. Website period:

In Countries like India,Pakistan your website must be active for atleast 6 monthes,Only then your google adsense approval may have any consideration.

8. Using SEO:

Search engine optimization tools are great to make  your articles more reliable in the eyes of google.If you are using wordpress website then yoast SEO is best option for you.

9. Sitemaps:

Google gives utmost priority to website that have sitemaps.sitemaps helps google to crawl and index your pages very fast.If you are on wordpress then yoast Seo provides you the facility of generating your websites’ sitemaps.

10. Using Google and Bing webmaster tool:

There is always better to use Google And Bing webmaster tools to submit sitemaps.

11. Insufficient content:

Your website must have sufficient content.So write articles of at least 500 words.Google adsense likes long word articles.Always make long pages and posts,as long content always has through knowledge for the readers to get.So always have quality content,long and unique content.Avoid animated pictures,movies as google instantly rejects such sites.


Finally if you want to get Google Adsense approval as early as possible you must follow the above steps.So unless you get Google Adsense approval to show ads on your website, you can not earn money.

Finally i hope you will definitely find this article very useful. If you like this post do share with your friends on social networking sites as on Facebook,twitter,whtasapp etc. Thanks.

Kuldeep Singh

is a professional blogger,teacher and income tax expert

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