GST Rate For hotels and Restaurants

GST Rate For hotels and Restaurants

GST Rate-Govt of INDIA has  launched GST in INDIA from very 1st july 2017.All traders,manufacturers,wholesalers and retailers have to pay GST to GOVT. of INDIA.

And For this they first have to register on GST portal.In this article we will discuss the GST Rate For hotels and Restaurants.

Further GST council consisting of members from center and the states has prescribed all the GST Rate for goods and services in INDIA.

Let us start today’s topic:

GST Rate for restaurants having no air-conditioning facility:

All restaurants who do not provide Air conditioning facility to their customers will have to pay GST at the rate of 12%.

GST  for restaurants having no Licence to serve liquor :

Further the restaurants which do not have any licence to serve liquor, hence will pay GST at 12% rate.

GST Rate for restaurants having  air-conditioning facility:

Moreover if restaurant owner are providing fully or partially providing air-conditioning facility to their customers,they will Collect GST @ 18%.

GST  for restaurants having  Licence to serve liquor :

Similarly if restaurants owners have licence to serve liquor,then they will collect and pay GST @ 18%.

moreover  restaurants with no-air conditioning facility and no licence to serve liquor, will collect GST @ 5% if they provide pre-packed food/drinking etc.

GST for 5 star hotels :

All five star hotels will levy GST @ 28%.

NOTE: All marriage palaces,banquet hall,conference hall,shamiana for organising any function will attract 18% GST.

Finally outdoor catering by restaurants will attract 18% GST as well.

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