30 Most Expensive high cpc Adsense keywords To Earn  $ 150/day 2019

We have a list of high cpc adsense keywords for 2019 to earn $150 and even more.These are the most expensive and high earning keywords.High CPC Adsense keywords

If you are a blogger,then you may want to earn more money.So you have to follow this trick to have more focus on high CPC keywords in 2019.

If used wisely,these high CPC Adsense keywords  2019 will definitely generate  more money for your blog.

Meaning of high CPC Adsense Keywords

CPC means (cost per click).If visited on your blog click on an ad,and this ad generate money for you.

The more CPC of an ad means more money for you.

Just imagine,the add your blog visiter clicks on,is having $179.01 CPC.

Meaning that in a single click you get $179 earning.Omg 😱!I like it!

For this you have to get on the first page of Google.And work smartly on the following high CPC Adsense Keywords list.

High CPC Mesothelioma Keywords

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that deadly effects the stomach, lungs,heart, and other organs of human body.

Unfortunately this cancer is not curable.

So in order to reduce pain of such cancer, patients of its undergo costly therapies.

Top 10 High CPC Mesothelioma Keywords 2019

KeywordKeyword DifficultyCPC(USD)
compensation mesothelioma64.96568.67
mesothelioma attorney california56.72545.44
mesothelioma attorney houston55.1390.12
mesothelioma compensation64326.85
pleural mesothelioma stages71.76318.16
mesothelioma lawyer directory63290.41
mesothelioma lawsuit settlements61276.7
statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims53274.09
lawyers for mesothelioma58.45265.43
mesothelioma settlement fund59.5257.13

Top 10 High CPC lawyer Keywords

These high CPC keywords relate to lawyers.And these have most expensive CPC especially in USA,Canaa, Europe.

car accident lawyer moreno valley52.02584.44
lauderdale car accident lawyer59.12566.12
auto accident lawyers in chicago53.46544.15
car accident lawyer 55.05508.10
car accident lawyer in phoenix48.18504.13
california motorcycle accident lawyer47.2472..08
car accident lawyer 43.07463.72
car accident lawyer in fort lauderdale47.45462.14
personal injury lawyer ft lauderdale44.16429.04
dallas truck accident lawyer49.67427

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Top 10 High CPC Doctors Keywords

Similarly,high CPC doctors keywords can get you more money.

You should note here that these keywords have about 1 keyword difficulty.

So it is very difficult to beat these high CPC keywords.

sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis70.80250.96
doctorate in security74.60189.19
doctor after car accident
doctors car insurance65.17128.46
car accident doctor atlanta43.08122.32
rehab doctors59.7118.89
business doctoral programs online73.89118.5
best doctoral programs in education74.24112.34
top online doctoral programs in business77.65168.78
educational leadership doctoral programs online 81.17108.7


Finally we have enlisted top 30 high CPC adsense keywords for 2019 to make more money with little efforts.

We have used ahrefs keywords tool to find the most expensive high CPC keywords to make these tables.

Have fun!Keep smiling 😂😂😂😂

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