How to file  belated return after due date

 income tax return after due date/belated return

belated return return after due date  is a return which we file after due date.Further,as you know every tax payer in INDIA has to file income tax return during every assessment year.

And income tax department gives only few months to tax payers to  file their respective income tax return in a prescribed time which is 31st JULY every year.

Besides it In some cases this due date is extended to some days.

If we talk about assessment year 2017-18,due date for filing ITR was 5th AUGUST 2017.

Now come to the point.If for some reasons you could not file your income tax return with in due date then do not worry. Despite this you can file your return after due date.

Important point

It is very important to note we can not revise our income tax return if we file it after due date.As you know if we file ITR within due date then we can revise it many times even after due date.But your tax should not be due.

income tax return after due date/ What will be the procedure to file such ITR

Further such return we file after due date is also called BELATED return.Now what is the procedure we should follow to file such return.follow me along:

STEP-1: Go to income tax department official website HERE.

STEP-2: log in with your PAN no.

STEP-3: Select OPTION prepare and submit return o nline.

STEP-4: Now simply choose assessment year and ITR-1 or ITR-4.

STEP-5: After this you should choose option file ITR under section 139(4).which is most important part of this return.

STEP-6: Fill up all your personal details,salary details,bank details very you know if you commit any mistake and you upload it,then you can not revise your return.

So be very careful while filing this return.If you have any problem you can watch this video.


Conclusion:Hence It is always wise to file your ITR within due date.Because you can revise such return even after due date.

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