How to get PR in Australia? Step by step guide.

How to get PR in Australia? Step by step guide.

How to get PR in Australia? is question of many people from India in particular and south Asia in general.

Millions of people from all walks life go to Australia for better future after passing out IELTS.So now there arises a question as how to get PR in Australia as early as possible.

This article will lead you from the front to get Australian PR in genuine and legal way.So what’s to do first:

Most important step to get PR:

Many students go to Australia right after getting through their intermediate classes(10+2),which is really a big mistake they commit.

As you know most Indians go abroad to earn money and get PR as early as possible.But they often forget that if they at least pass graduate degree first,then take professional degrees, only then they can get PR quickly.

So guys always keep in mind this point:The more you get qualified and have skill,the better chances are of getting PR in Australia.

Prerequisites For getting PR:

Good course: If you are really serious to get PR,then you will have to pursue such a degree/diploma course which is more likely to help you to get PR.

As you know Australian Immigration laws change with course of time.Over the years the Australian Govt. has strictly changed its laws so that only skilled workers stay in Australia.

Moreover due to heavy rush of overseas students in Australia it has become very difficult for the govt. to give PR to all the students.

As you know Govt. of Australia is preferring skilled workers over unskilled.So choose courses which have better scope of getting PR in Australia.

As far as my view is concerned,i will advise you to choose engineering and medical courses which will really help you to get PR in no time.

Choose Appropriate visa:

you should need the Right visa category to apply.The most common PR visa categories are,Subclass 189,Subclass 190,Subclass 186 etc.

Select an occupation from SOL(Skilled Occupation List):

Click this link to have list of eligible skilled occupation.

Click this link  to have Removed occupation list as on 1st July 2017 by Australian Govt.

Apply in point based system:

After all the above conditions are met,it is time to apply in the point based system of Australia.

You need to submit online Expression Of Interest (EOI) in the online Skill Select system of Australia  bearing your profile details:

age,education etc.

60 points are must:

Govt. will give you points  for each your profile that is age,education,work experience etc.

Your collective score must be 60 minimum and above 60 will boost your chances of getting PR fast.

Get Selected for ITA:

Finally if Australian states or employers find your profile to be rich enough to qualify for PR visa,An invitation will be sent to you to apply for PR visa.

Within 60 days of applying PR visa,you are require to submit health and character certificates.

Final point:

Most of the students in Australia complete the above conditions except passing IELTS with 6 each Bands.

So try to overcome this hurdle otherwise you may suffer in the form of delay in PR acceptance.

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