Youtube Search Engine Optimization:How To Rank Youtube Video Very Fast In 2018

how to rank youtube video very fastWant to rank your youtube videos🤔?Then smile ☺  please.We have the best youtube SEO method,that you can apply and not only it will grow your youtube channel but skyrocket all of your youtube videos also.

Let’s go in-depth of this article and rank quickly your youtube videos…..

My Youtube Channel ranking Position

I started my youtube channel mysmartkey

back in november 2017.I struggled a bit in the initial stage,because i did not know the youtube seo tacticts which i will discuss in this article to rank youtube video super fast.

Till date, my youtube channel has 13000+ subscribers.It is growing with the help of Following Youtube SEO Techniques I have been adopting:

 Youtube Channel Name

If your are thinking about to make a youtube channel,then its name should be unique meaning that if you search on youtube,your channel name should come first.

Channel Description

It is one of the most important part of ranking youtube videos and channel.

Suppose you want to start a youtube channel about google seo,then write appealing description about google seo.

Youtube Keyword researching

Keyword researching for youtube means what people search for on youtube in the form of typing keywords according to their tastes,demands etc.

Let suppose you type “google seo” in the youtube search bar,you will find some suggested keyword phrases.These suggested titles offten searched by peoples on youtube.

So as these keywords are suggestions by youtube,so try them on utmost priority basis.

Long tail keywords

Suppose your target keyword is “youtube seo”.So try to make long tail keyword while using “youtube seo”.

Example: 10 best youtube seo tips”,

“how to do youtube seo”.

You can make changes in youtube search suggestions.

Best Title For Youtube Video

Now it’s time to make best and engaging title for your video.

Make your video title in such a way that has less competition.

To do this,just search in youtube search bar and google search bar and compare them.

If your title returns less video results,then it is less competitive and choose it.

Make sure you put your main keyword in the beginning of the video title.

For example: “youtube seo:How to do youtube search engine optimization”.

Record Audible video of best content

This is the super best and crucial part of your youtube video rankings

Audio quality:I have found many videos on youtube that have very low quality audio.

It means you are going to lose audience retention.They will surely hate your video.

So to reduce noise from your video you can use audacity software.

Content is the Master:  seo will do nothing if you video contains meaningless content.Or you are not making videos on topics that people search oftenly on youtube.

So  keep in mind the preferences of the audience.

Intro of youtube Video

Upto 7 seconds intro for any youtube video is enough.Don’t go beyond it as it will put your video content at the backfoot.

Subscription And Comment Appeals 

I often appeal to the youtube audience for subscribing my channel & make comments on the video.

I try to answer every comment made by the audience.

It has helped me gain more than 13,000 subscribers till date.

Video Description

Description of youtube videos attract both the audience and search engines.

If you have added your keywords with variations in video description, then higher chances of your videos becoming viral by youtube and google.

It is always wise to make a seo based description of your video.You should include your keywords wisely so that they don’t look spammy.


Tags will definitely boost your videos.You should include you main key word with plenty of variations.

For example: your video is about iphone 10.Then you can use tags as:

iphone 10,iphone 10 features,latest iphone,camera pixels of iphone 10,best iphone model,pris and cons of iphone 10 etc.

You can also visit to generate tags to rank your youtube viddeo.

Just vizit the above websitenput your title or main keyword and get enty if tags in one go.copy them and put them on your youtube video tag slot.

Never forget to add your youtube channel name as a tag.

Self explanatory and professional Thumbnail

most of the traffic for a Youtube video come from Video thubnail.

So use photoshop or any online free software to make best thumbnail for your video strictly bearing your main keyword.

Also when you save your thumbnail on desktop,make sure name it exactly your video title.It will make your video put on the first ten position.

Video Sharing

80% of people engage on social networking. So share your videos on facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google plus,quora etc.

If you have a blog then you can also embed your video in the article and it will rank youtube video quickly.


The above youtube seo tips are being adopted by me to rank my own youtube videos.So it is mine experience that i have share with you.

And if you follow these seo tips for youtube,I am 100% sure you will rank high your youtube videos and channel.

Kuldeep Singh

is a professional blogger,teacher and income tax expert

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