How To Revise Income Tax Return After Due Date AY 2018-19

Revise Income Tax Return:  Income tax department has offered a much needed benefit to the tax payers.

That is you can now revise your ITR-1 etc after due date.

Many tax payers have e-filed their income tax returns right before the due date.

But there are still many tax payers who have not filed their income tax return.

Now question is that if you have made any mistake while filing itr,then you can correct it after due date.

There will be no penalty if you revise  your return after due date.

Steps to revise income tax return:


log in to income tax official website with your pan number.


After logging in,click the very first  link filing of income tax return.


Now choose the form ITR-1 according to your requirement.


Now after opening ITR-1 form,choose the section  139(5) from the drop down menu.

Further fill the acknowledgement number of your original  return.


Finally correct the mistakes you committed in the original  return.

So in this way you can revise your return after due date.

Do not forget  to  verify your income tax return.

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Kuldeep Singh

is a professional blogger,teacher and income tax expert

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