How to speed up iphone 2017-18

How to speed up iphone 2017-18

Owning an Iphone is always a great honor.As you know Iphone is such a device most of people consider one of the simplest,secure and unique phone.If you are paying online transaction,then Iphone with its best ios software is the best option as no hacker can hack your data.

Now most of the people around the world use iphone,but sometimes it gets very slow in speed.How to fix your iphone speed so that you can work well with your iphone.Here is the step by step guide for every iphone user.

Regular software update:

You should update your iphone to latest software regularly to  avoid any its software updates,fixs bugs that are responsible for your iphone battery to drain early and other security patches which may cause any security issue to your iphone.

Remove cache files : When you use internet on i-phone Safari browser,a large amount of cache files or temporary files gather at your i-phone’s internal memory.So delete these files regularly by going to setting then safari then clear cache files, etc.It will cause your i-phone to browse speedily now.

Update Apps manually: Never put your i-phone to update your apps automatically.As by doing this your iphone consumes large amount of date in the background,consequently reducing its speed.To do so,simply go to setting then itunes then App store there you will find enable or disable AUTOMATIC UPDATES.Just choose disable button.

Disable location services:Putting location services on,consumes higher amount of internet data as well as drain your iphone’s battery.Simply go to setting then privacy then loaction services.Now disable all the apps which use location services of your iphone.

Background  App refresh:Most of you apps like facebook,twitter etc. Which really slow down your iphone.So go to setting of your iphone then General then Background App Refresh.Just disable it.

Misconception:  There is a misconception that delete the apps that are running in the background.But this is wrong as they don’t slow down your iphone speed instead keeping them open in the background takes less time to load.Simply double tap home button then select whichever app you want to open.

Reduce motion:Reduce motion in the newer iphone software provides a great parallax motion effects to ypur iphone which looks really awesome and unique.But they make iphone less speedy so disable Reduce Motion by simply going to setting,general,Accessibility then Reduce Motion.

Rebooting: Most of Iphone users do not reboot their device regularly.As rebooting gives much needed respite to your phone.So always reboot your iphone once in two days.

Jail-Break: Many Jail break lovers jailbreak their I-phone.But jailbreak drastically slow down your iphone.moreover your iphone is more accessible to hackers.So Avoid iphone Jailbreak if you really want your iphone to be safe and speedy.

Free up space: We usually take pictures,selfie with our iphone camera.And thus iphone memory gets less and less and our iphone gets slower and slower.So friends first back up all your photos,videos on your pc or on Apps like Google Photos,onedrive etc.Now you can delete all your photos.It will provides more  space to your iphone thus your apps will work sharply.

Further we often message using text message on iphone but do not delete useless messages which also occupies huge amount of space.So always delete these messages.

Whatsapp Data: Millions of people uses Whatsapp.But they do not bother about deleting huge amount of useless data in the form of videos,photos,messages.Hence this Whatsapp date badly effects your iphone’s usability.So always delete some useless data from your whatsApp.

Avoid long Charging:we often put our iphone on charging mode continuously for long hours.It badly damage your iphone if your iphone battery gets effected how you can your iphone can sustain its speed well.So avoid this bad habit.

Conclusion: Finally we can conclude that if you follow the above steps your iphone will definitely work speedily.If you like this post then do share it with your friends.Do not forget to comment.Thanks


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