Income Tax Slab Rate For FY 2017-18

Income Tax Slab for AY  2018-19:

Income Tax Slab rate has changed for Financial year 2017-18 or AY 2018-19 and in today’s article we will discuss it  step by step.

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This article is special for salaried employees.

Some are going to get benefit and some are not in new income tax slab rate for financial year 2017-8.

New Tax slab rate Changes in FY 2017-18 :

Change-1:First change that has taken place is Tax rate.Which has reduced to 5% which was 10% in previous FY 2016-17.

If your income is less or equal to 5 lakh after deducting your saving us 80C.

Change-2:If your income is 3.5 lakh or less then you will get Rebate of  Rs 2500 us 87A of income tax.

Change-3:If your income is more than 3.5 and more then you will not get relief of Rs 2500 under section 87A.

Tax slab rate for Individuals below 60 years age:

  • For income 0-250,000, There is no tax.
  •  Income ranges 250001-500000,  you will have to pay  tax @ 5%.
  • For income 500000-1000000 you will pay tax @ 20%
  • For income 1000000 onwards you will have to pay Tax @ 30%.
  • Further education cess remains at 3%.

How to calculate tax for persons below 60 yrs age:

Suppose you have income from slary is Rs 5 Lakh.Further your saving us 80C are Rs 150,000.Then your taxable income becomes Rs 3,50,000.Further 3,50,000-2,50,000=100000,

Hence @ 5%  tax rate, your tax becomes 5/100*100000=Rs 5000.

now deduct Rs 2500 rebate us 87A as your income is 3,50,000.So your tax becomes 5000-2500=2500.Further Education cess @3% is rs 75.So add it to 2500 will become Rs 2575.

Also see the following Table: EXAMPLE-1

Income Tax Slab Rate


Similarly suppose your gross income is 6 lakh and your deduction us 80C are 150,000.Then net income will be Rs 4,50,000. now 4,50,000- 2,50,000=200000  so Tax @ 5% will become Rs 10,000.There will be no rebate us 87A here.As net income is Rs 4,50,000.

So education cess on 10,000 @3% is  300 Rs .Finally total tax becomes 10,300. See the following table as Example:

Income Tax Slab 2017-18

So you can easily find your income tax by using above examples.

New tax slab  for Senior citizens  or  persons above 60 yrs and less than 80 yrs age:

Here is an Example :

income tax lsab 2017-18

How to calculate tax for persons above 80 yrs or more:

Income Tax Slab rate  for persons having age above 80 years and above we have described in the following Table:

 income tax slsab 2017-18 super senior citizens


Conclusion:Hence from the above article we have come to a conclusion that  Income Tax Slab rates decreased a bit as compared to FY 2016-17.Further tax rebate is also Rs 2500,which is dissatisfying.Instead it is only on income Rs upto 3.5 lakh.

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