Link Aadhaar Card With Saving Bank Account

Aadhaar card has become so indispensable in our life that it has been made compulsory for all Indian citizens to link their with pan,SIM card,LPG gas,and definitely Link Aadhaar Card With Saving Bank Account.

We are discussing here,how to link Aadhaar with saving bank account.it is very simple process which we can do in some simple steps.

So follow me along.

1.  Link Aadhaar with bank account in offline mode:

This is first and the simplest way to link your UID with Bank account.You need not to have internet connection.

Simply type UID(space)Aadhaar no(space)bank account no. in your message box and send it to 567676.

You will get the message “your Aadhaar has been linked with your bank account successfully”.

Example:UID 521035007878 65048998945 and send it to 567676.

2.  Link Aadhaar with bank account using internet banking:

If you are using internet banking facility for either of your bank accounts,then it is the best and simple way to link your Aadhaar with bank account.

For example,if you are using SBI internet banking then simply log in and you will get the option My accounts.

click on it then you will find the link LINK YOUR AADHAAR NUMBER at extreme left side of the page.

Click it and type your profile password and then select you bank account then fill your Aadhaar no and confirm it and submit,

That will link your Aadhaar with bank account.

Similarly for other banks like HDFC,ICICI,PNB etc ,the process is same.

3.  Link Aadhaar with bank account using your ATM card

if you have your ATM card then visit your nearest ATM machine,swipe your card then type your pin and select the menu SERVICE-REGISTERATIONS

Here select Aadhaar Registration option then type your 12 digits Aadhaar then confirm it.That is all to do on your side and  you will  Link your Aadhaar with bank account.

4. By visiting your bank branch:

Finally if all the above steps  fails then visit your bank branch along with your bank pass book and Aadhaar card and  Link Aadhaar with bank account.

5. Check Aadhaar bank linking status:

Finally you can check Aadhaar bank link status by dialing *99*99# USSD code on your registered mobile no with your bank account.

After dialling the above code,select option 1. that is Aadhaar linking status.Enter your Adhaar number.type no. 1 to confirm.

you will get the details regarding aadhaar linking with your bank account.

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