Many Illnesses Water Can Cure /Cancer,Skin,blood pressure

Many Illnesses Water Can Cure

Yes!Many Illnesses Water can cure.It is really a great thing to know that water can prevent and heal many of our diseases.

As you know human body is made of 75% of water.

It means that all organs of human body will face serious problem if we do not provide sufficient quantity of water to it.

So in this way you can imagine the importance of water for all human beings.

Now come to the point.Human body is vulnerable to many diseases and many people die due to diseases that occur due to lack of water.

How water is so important

We take our meals twice or thrice a day and have to drink water in order to digest the food properly.

But you may not know that the quantity of water we take daily is not sufficient for us that all organs will work properly.

Example: Guys whenever we drink water,it is absorbed by all internal organs,but our body should discharge ill particles through urination.

But we do not drink extra water thus all bad and acidic particles remain in our body,thus creates many diseases to our body.

Many people especially Indians suffer from stones in kidneys,skin disease,heart failure,tooth diseases etc.

So friends do always keep in mind that unless you drink at least 8-10 glasses of pure water a day,you can not keeps the doctor away.

Type of water

Further it is very important that what type of water we should drink.

well,if we have drinking water and its TDS level is below 400,then we can consume it without any problem.

Further if we have our own water purifier and its TDS level is above 50 then we should drink it.

Moreover remind you,drink at least 8 glasses of water.

And if water TDS level is below 50 and above 400,we should never consume it.

Because below 50 TDS level water has very low minerals and above 50 TDS level water contains impurities.

Many Illnesses Water Can Cure/Which diseases water will cure

water is really capable of removing many disease if we take it regularly.

  1. 8-10 glasses of water a day, will help to remove Kidney stones.
  2. it will cure your low and high blood pressure level.
  3. if you take proper quantity of water,you will never suffer heart attack.
  4. Water cures clotting in human body.
  5. It provides super and natural glow to the skin.
  6. Water cures cancer,because many people suffer from cancer due to acidity for long and doctors say that acidity stimulates cancer cells in our body.
  7. water is capable of curing PILES.
  8. If we take proper quantity of water daily,you will never suffer hair-fall problem.

Most important note:

Friends if you drink 2-3 glasses of luke-warm water in empty stomach then you will never suffer acidity,obesity and BP problem in your life.


Finally,water is our life and we can not live without it.But you should drink pure water and sufficient quantity of water on daily basis.It is really a live case of mine.I myself used to suffer from acidity.But now after drinking 10 glasses of water daily i cured my acidity problem which is a main reason of high blood pressure.

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