Pay challan 280 online/offline

Pay challan 280 online/offline:

Before pay challan 280 online/offline know What is challan 280 ? Friends challan 280 is a form whichyou use  to pay three main types of taxes.

Self Assessment tax:

The tax you pay just before filing his/her income tax return.If you pay less tax in a financial year.

Example :

Suppose you are a salaried employee and you have paid all your tax in financial year 2016-17.Also suppose you have an FD (fixed deposit) in state bank of India. Also you know that interest income from FD is taxable.Suppose you have got Rs 8,000 as interest income from FD for financial year 2016-17.

Now at the time filing your income tax return online income tax software will detect your FD Automatically.

So firstly you will have to pay your tax for above Rs 8000 interest income, which will become Rs 800 @10% and 1600 @20% whichever will be applicable to you

In simple words The tax paid through challan 280 during filing your income tax return is called Self-Assessment Tax.


The income tax paid through challan 280 After filing your income tax return and processing your return by your Assessing officer.

EXAMPLE: We take an example to explain you REGULAR TAX.Suppose you  had filed your income tax return online for AY(Assessment Year 2017-18) and your Income tax return successfully processed by income tax Department and forwarded it to  your concerned ASSESSING OFFICER (AO).

Now your Assessing Officer found that Income tax you paid you showed in your  return was less than that it should have.Whatever may be the reason.

Hence your Assessing officer sends you a demand notice and challan 280 form  to pay your income tax to Avoid any action against you.So such income tax you pay through challan 280 is  REGULAR TAX.


Tax paid before ending of a financial year 

Suppose a salary employee has retired before ending of a financial year.

And he/she was asked to pay tax on his own by challan 280.Such income tax paid using Challan 280 is called Advance Tax.

How To Pay challan 280 online or offline steps:

  1. Visit NSDL Website to pay your income tax online.
  2. Now tick the option (0021) Income Tax (Other than Companies)
  3. Enter your pan number correctly.
  4. Select Assessment year very carefully.If you are filing return for financial year 2016-17 then the Assessment year will be next financial year that is 2017-18.
  5. Your full Name (as per Income Tax Department database) will display on confirmation screen automatically.
  6. Now fill all your particulars regarding your residential Address.
  7. Now in Type Of Payment select option (100) Advance Tax.
  8. Select option (300) Self Assessment Tax.
  9. Select option (400) Tax on Regular Assessment.
  10. Now  from Mode Of Payment option select either internet banking or debit card option to pay the required amount.hit proceed
  11. Then new page will  open.there you have to check all your details and submitted to the bank.
  12. That’s all to do on your part and after successfully paid challan amount you will get challan identification number.Fill this in filing your return or rectifing your return.

PAY CHALLAN 280 OFFLINE:First download the challan 280 from this link.

Print the downloaded form and fill exactly as explained in above 12 points.

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