Recover deleted photos from your phone

Recover deleted photos from your phone

To recover deleted photos from your mobile device is always very difficult.We often delete our awsome photos from our mobile that we have taken for years ago and these photos are very close to our heart.If you deleted your photos then this article is very usefull for you.

For iphone:

If you have an iphone then you recover your photos easily.follow me along:

Step-1:  open your photos gallary on your iphone,there you will see a folder RECENTLY DELETED.

Step-2:  open this folder here all your recently  photos you deleted  earlier are here.These photos will remain here for 30 days.

Step-3: Now click the photo you want to recover.that’s it.

For Android phones:

If you owns Android phone then you wll have to rely upon third party apps.

Step-1: Download DiskDigger Photos recovery app from the play store.This app will recover all your photos you deleted recently.

Step-2: open the app then  click on START BASIC PHOTO SCAN button.Then all your photos will start recovering.

Step-3: Slect the photo you want to restore and save it on any of your folder.

Permanant solution:

The above  methods we discussed above to recover your photos for iphone as well as andoid are temporary.And work well on two condition.For iphone you can not recover photos older than 30 days. you will have to use iphone back up on itunes to recover all your photos.

For android phone Diskdigger app works well if you are using same phone for long and if you deleted your photos then don’t use internet on your phone unless you fully recover your photos.Got it!OK.

Most important points to note both for iphone and Android phones:

  • Always back up your phone with your pc from time to time.
  • Take back up of your phone on USB or pendrive.
  • Use famous online apps to back up your phone.Dropbox,Onedrive,Google photos and Google Drive.
  • If you do so All your photos are always with you even if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • ALSO watch this video:


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