Run Two Whatsapp On Iphone 2018

Dual Whatsapp On Iphone Without Jailbreak 2018

Run Two Whatsapp On Iphone?Yes !

Every Iphone user wants to have Dual Whatsapp On his/her device for multiple reasons best known to him/her.

As you know whatsapp has become an integral part of our life and our day starts  and ends with Whatsapp and obviously Facebook.

Now it is more interesting question that how to run multiple Whatsapp on an Apple’s iPhone.

It is worth mentioning here that most of the latest android phones having dual sim, have the facility of dual whatsapp functioning.

But iphones have only one sim functionality.And it is very difficult to run two whatsapp on this Apple device.

Trick To Install Two Whatsapp On Iphone 6,7,8,10

Now follow the steps carefully if you want your iphone to Run Dual Whatsapp On Iphone:


Firsly take a back up of your current whatsapp.

Then uninstall your current whatsapp

Now :

Visit the website


Select ios  and regular options.


Download the App for ios 7 and above version.


After downloading and installing the app you have to trust the app while going to Setting>>General>>Device Manager>>2kge servicos Getais>>click it>>trust it.


After trusting the app on your iphone The app will start working.


Now open the app and type in search bar Whatsapp++.

Download and install it.


Similarly download and install Whatsapp WatusGold and Whatsapp WatusSilver apps.


Trust them as in Step-4.

Hence we have three whatsapp on the single iphone.


Finally your ios device is able to Run Two Whatsapp On Iphone.That is too without jailbreak.

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