Salary Break Up FY 2017-18 AY 2018-19

Tax payers have to provide Salary Break Up while filing their income tax return.

Most of the tax payers are not e-filing their ITR forms correctly.

You know during filing ITR-1(e.g.) online,you should provide salary information correctly.

Steps to follow while filling up salary break up

1. In the very first column,(salary) provide only basic pay(pay band +grade pay) for the whole year.

2.  Secondly calculate non exempted allowance.

Download the salary break-up excel sheet

It will let you to calculate non exepted and exempted allowance easily.

3.Similarly you can easly fill the rest of the particulars like tax u/s 16,profit in liew of salary etc. from 16 Form.

Where to put exempted allowance In IITR-1

while filing ITR-1 for ay 2018-19

you can show your exempted allowance in the second last page of ITR-1 online.

For salary Break Up Follow key Points

  • Get 16 no. form.
  • Salary slip from your employer.
  • Salary break-up excel sheet which we have provided in the above link.


Finally do provide correct information while filing your ITR-1.

Make sure first salary break  part must be filled correctly.

So that you can submit your income tax return without committing any mistake.

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