Section 80G Donation limit  FY 2018-19 AY 2019-20

Tax benefit under section 80G: If you are a socialist and often contribute for betterment of the community,Country,Temple Gurudwaras’Church and Mosque.

Then you can definitely take huge income tax benefit under section 80G of income tax act.

There are four categories under which tax payers can tax donation benefits:

100% Tax benefit Without Any Upper Limit

You will get full tax benefit if you make donations to the following:

  • PM relief fund.
  • National Defence Fund.
  • PM Armenia Earthquake Relief Fund.
  • National Relief fund for communal harmony.
  • Specified or approved university or educational institution for national importance.
  • Chief minister earthquake relief fund for Maharashtra.
  • Donation made to zila saksharta Samiti
  • The national blood transfusion council.
  • The Army/AIR force central welfare Fund or The indian Naval Benevolent Fund.
  • National illness Assistant Fund.
  • Chief Minister Relief Fund
  • National cultural Fund.
  • Local Authority Association Promoting Family Planning.
  •  Central Govt. Fund for developing technology  Development.
  • National trust for welfare of persons suffering from autism,cerebral palsy,Mental Retardation and multiple disabilities.

Condition For 100% tax Benefit

Form 58:

Tax payers whose  donation amount  is eligible for 100% tax deduction then you require a Form 58 from the trust or institution.

All details like cost , amount authorised for project & actual amount collected by the institution is mentioned in Form 58.

Without Form 58, your claim for 100% tax deduction can be rejected even if you have a receipt bearing seal.

50% Tax benefit Without Any Upper Limit

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund.
  • Prime Minister’s Drought Relief Fund.
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

100% Tax benefit subject to 10% adjusted gross Income

Government or any  local authority approved by govt. of India, institution or association   for the purpose of promoting family planning.

Donation by a Company to the Indian Olympic Association.

Or donation made  to any other notified association or institution established in India for the development of infrastructure for sports and games in India.

Or the sponsorship of sports and games in India.

50% Tax benefit subject to 10% adjusted gross Income

Government or any local authority accepting donation for any charitable purpose other than the purpose of promoting family planning.

Any authority constituted in India for the purpose of  satisfying the need for housing accommodation.

Or for the purpose of planning, development.

Or improvement of cities, towns, villages or both.

Any corporation referred in Section 10(26BB) for promoting interest of minority community.

For repairs or renovation or community kitchen of any notified temple, mosque, gurudwara, church or other place.

For in-depth knowledge of Section 80G.

refer this page:

How to take tax benefit under section 80G


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