Tax On Google Adsense Income From Blog And YouTube Channel 2020

Tax On Google Adsense Income

Google Adsense income is really taxable.And tax on Google Adsense income from blog And YouTube channel depends upon your gross income for a financial year.

In other words,the more you derive income from Google Adsense ads,the more you pay the taxes.

As per income tax slab rate in India for FY 2019-20,ever tax payer has to pay tax if the income crosses the tax liability cap.

Treatment of YouTube and blog Income From Adsense

Income from Adsense or any other platform comes under the head “Income from Business and profession” in India.

So if your income from the above mentioned head is 5 lakhs,then you need not pay any tax w.e.f fy 2019-20.

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If Income is more than 5 lakhs.

Well,for fy 2019-20 if your income from business is more than 5 lakhs,then you have to pay taxes as per income tax slab rates for fy 2019-20.

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Which deductions are allowed

When you own a YouTube channel,you may incur many expenditures in a financial year,Like laptop repair,internet charges etc.

In case of a blog,you may include domain charges and hosting charges etc.

How to calculate tax

Suppose your income from Google Adsense is 10 lakhs in a day 2019-20.

And all your expenses are 2 lakhs.

Now deduct 2 lakhs  from 10 will get 8 lakhs.

Hence your tax liability will be as under:

First 250,000 – no tax

250,001- 500000 – ₹ 12500 tax (@5%)

500001-800000 – ₹ 60000  tax   (@ 20%)

So for proper calculation,you should consult CA.

Which ITR Form To File

If your main source of income is from website or You Tube channel. You should file ITR-4 form while filing your income tax return.


Finally,it is clear that income gained from Adsense ads or media net etc. is taxable and you should pay tax accordingly.

Kuldeep Singh

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