Top 6 Google chrome Extensions For Bloggers In 2019

Top 6 google chrome extensions 2019This article will explain you the must have top 6 google chrome extensions for bloggers in 2019. 

As you know to be successful in blogging,you need plenty of things.

And google chrome extensions,which we are discussing today will help you get you on first page of google.

It is my personal experience that I have applied for my blog while using top 6 google chrome extensions.

What I have found,I am able to make my articles SEO friendly,get high CPC keywords, writing tips,etc.

List of best google chrome extensions in 2019

Friends there are many plugins for chrome browser, but we have made it easy for you by providing the most suitable list of top 6 google chrome extensions for 2019

Let’s start discussing them one by one.


Grammarly for Chrome
Grammarly for Chrome
Price: Free
  • Grammarly for Chrome Screenshot

Gramarly is one of the best top 6 chrome extensions for bloggers.

According to Google,blog content must be user friendly.

There should be no word mistake in your articles.

So in order to ensure write correct words, Gramarly extension is always useful.

It automatically detects wrong words and replaces them with correct words.

So this is must have chrome extension for bloggers in 2019.


Developer: Moz
Price: Free
  • MozBar Screenshot

Mozbar is another best chrome extension.

It provides DA and PA of your and your competitors website.

Moreover it highlights no-follow and do-follow links.,

So it is the must have chrome extensions for bloggers in 2019.

Keywords Everywhere

As it’s name suggests.For getting CPC volume of a particular keyword,you must install this extension.

 It works great.Just type a keyword,you will find suggested keywords with search volume and its CPC.

So as a blogger you can earn more if  keyword of your post  has high search volume and CPC.

Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Traffic Rank
Alexa Traffic Rank
Price: Free
  • Alexa Traffic Rank Screenshot

If you are a serioss blogger,then this is must have Google chrome extension.

After installing this extension,you can check Alexa ranking of your competitors website.

In this way you can analyze the websites and work on how to  get on the first page Google.

Google Publisher Toolbar

Google Publisher Toolbar
Google Publisher Toolbar
Developer: Google
Price: Free
  • Google Publisher Toolbar Screenshot

If you want to have complete access to all your ads working on your blog,then this chrome extension is must have.

You can check the publisher of the ads serving on your blog.

Moreover you can block the ads while you update your own website.

Word Count Tool

Word Count Tool
Word Count Tool
  • Word Count Tool Screenshot

Word count tool is yet another super handy Google extension for a blogger.

If you are writing an article, sometimes you need to refer to your competitors websites.

And you can check that particular article word count.

Thus you should write more words than your competitors.


So finally we can say that to be a successful blogger you should use smart tactics in order to rank higher on Google.

We have discussed the top 6 Google chrome extensions for bloggers in 2019.

We hope you will like this article.

Keep smiling…….😁😁😁

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